Celine completed a Degree in Fine Art – Painting in Limerick School of Art & Design in 2001; In 2009 she graduated with a Masters in Visual Art Practices (MAVIS) from IADT, Dublin. She spent summer 2013 on a studio residency in New York's, School of Visual Art.

Upcoming exhibitions include "Typetrail" Kells, Co.Meath, summer 2019, curated by Mark Smith. She is working on an artists book "IF We Were Pheasants", published by Read That Image, Dublin and due to be completed in spring 2019.

Recent exhibitions include "Cairde Visual, The Model, Sligo 2018; "Christmas Open" Rua Red, Tallagh 2018; "Nasty Women Dublin" 2017, ‘The Reading Room’, Berlin, June 2010, curated by Dominique Hurth and Ciarán Walsh; ‘Labyrinth – Writings & Observations’, 2009 Tumba, Sweden, curated by Pia Sandström and Joanna Sandell; ‘Drawing Eire’, 2009 Shanghai, China; 'Salon08' Matt Roberts Arts & VineSpace, Vyner St, Bethnal Green, London, exhibition selected by Cath Ferguson, Kate Jones & Andrea Tarsia. 

Her self-published artists book ‘Build Me A Studio’ is included in several collections including the permanent collection of NIVAL (National Irish Visual Arts Library).

Celine is currently a Visual Artist adviser to the Luan Gallery, Athlone.

She is part of an artist collaborative called Exquisite Colab. She also collaborates with Meath-American artist Dave Newton on Neo-intimism.

Artists Statement

Celines practice uses painting, drawing, sculpture and book making as medium. She utelises autobiography for her practice. Current research interests include the archetype of the Mother, pregnancy and post-partum, inherited oppression and shame, societal ills and also the question of how are we raising our children.


Celine has an anthropological interest in roles of gender and social roles of gender and identity. Her practice also investigates mating rituals, cermony and practices in other species,  birds in particular,  and she has met with Ornithology academic and Professor of Zoology in Trinity College Nicola Marples.